do you take care of all aspects of the project?

Yes. From design to completion, mikestruttdesign will handle your entire project.

how long will my kitchen / bathroom be out of use?

For a complete remodel, your kitchen or bathroom will be unusable for two to three weeks.

what should I consider when choosing a design-build firm?

Choosing a design-build firm with whom you can develop a strong, trusting, working relationship is key. Here are a few things to consider:

– Review their portfolio: Does their aesthetic suite your style?
– Ask for references + follow them up.
– How is their quality + workmanship?
– Do they come across as professional?
– Can they communicate well?

will we require permits?

For decorating, you don’t need a permit as long as you’re not moving or adding anything. If plumbing, electrical components and gas lines require movement then a permit is required. The contractor will take care of the permit process for you, and coordinate the inspections.

do we need to sign a contract?

Yes, you should always have a detailed written agreement between you and your contractor which outlines the scope of work, warranties, timelines, budgets, etc. There needs to be a clear picture of what the contractor is providing.

how long will my project take?

Once the design has been finalized, we will be able to give you a good estimate of when we’ll finish your project. As a guideline, renovations take several weeks to several months depending on many factors including the level of detail, size and complexity of your project.

do you guarantee your work?

Yes. mikestruttdesign guarantees its workmanship and will return to make adjustments and touch up work for a period of 1 full year. Structural work and more major items are guaranteed for 2 years.

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